The Archer // Okçu'nun Yolu
Some of the illustrations I made for the Turkish edition of Paulo Coelho‘s The Archer.
Bip Stickers
I designed a covid 19 & Ramadan themed sticker set for Turkcell BIP
Ramadan Together
WhatsApp Ramadan Sticker Pack! The Design process of these stickers took me back to my childhood  and I tried to create a warm Ramadan feeling from this inspiration. Client: WhatsApp / Facebook Agency: Just Global
NFT Collection Part I
My all NFT drops so far
#artıbir Illustration Project
Medium Roast - Packaging Illustration -
Packaging illustration for Depo Coffee Roasting
Puss in Boots
Children's Book for Tekir Kitap
Ritual II
Second part of my digital painting project, R I T U A L
Hong Kong Tourism Board Illustration Project
Hong Kong tourism Board Old Town Center illustration project.
Oppo Reno 3 Wallpaper Illustrations
I did 2 wallpaper illustration for Oppo Mobile
Voodoo Mambo // Mobile Game
Pinch and match bubbles in this fast-action, match-2-cast game. Try to achieve the target score of each level before the timer expires! The faster you play, the higher your score multiplier!
Wilderness // Playing Card Project
Playing cards project about wild animals
Mango Buddies Stickers Pack
I have designed a sticker pack for Huawei Emoji Design Contest as a guest designer,  which will also be used with Huawei digital products.
Snapchat Stickers
I did some stickers and filters about  Turkey Independence Day and Eid Al Adha for @snapchat
Snapchat Ramadan Stickers
I did some Ramadan Stickers and Filters for Snapchat​​​​​​​.
Illustrations for Icons8 'Ouch' Project IV is another side project of Icons8 dedicated to interface illustrations. I made some illustrations for this project.
Illustrations for Icons8 'Ouch' Project I is another side project of Icons8 dedicated to interface illustrations.  I made some illustrations for this project.
Illustrations for Icons8 'Ouch' Project III is another side project of Icons8 dedicated to interface illustrations. I made some illustrations for this project.
Illustrations for Icons8 'Ouch' Project II is another side project of Icons8 dedicated to interface illustrations. I made some illustrations for this project.
Digital painting series about rituals.
Various Illustration 2017 - 2019
Selection of personal Illustrations and Animated Gifs I have done in the last 2 years.
Horned Animals // Animated Gif Project
Personal project about horned animals.
Son of Haggar!
@wearekruw Gamez Exhibition. 35x50 cm, Giclee print, Limited edition of 30, Printed on Hahnemühle Ultra Smooth Fine Art Paper. Signed & Numbered.
What is...
What is... Children's questions.
Selfy Stickers
Stickers for Turk Telekom Selfy application.
Snapchat Stickers
sticker designs for snapchat.
Neon Records Crest Logo
I made a logo designs for neon records, used on release art, tour posters email signatures, letterhead etc.
Procreate Drawing with Timelapse
Procreate illustrations with timelapse
CampaignTR Interview // Handmade
Interview with CampaignTR Mag.
#tasarimtomtomsokakta Design Exhibition
#tasarimtomtomsokakta Design Exhibition in Istanbul
Various Animated Gifs
Various Animated Gifs
Orman // Jungle
Bu çalışmalarda kendi içlerine kapalı, kurgusal bir mitolojik evreni resmediyorum. Canlılar, onların davranışları ve olaylar, farklı resimler arasında belirli bir tutarlılığa göre oluşturulmuştur. Resimlerin tekniği, hem günümüz grafiklerinden hem de geçmiş mitolojik resimlerin tarzlarından beslenir. Bu anlamda güncel illüstrasyon tekniklerinin mit ve tarih ile sentezlenmesini; diğer yandan da geçmiş mitolojik resimlerin günümüz grafiklerinin dilinden yeniden okunmasını öneriyorum. Komposizyonlarda merkezi olmayan, yüzeyin tamamına yayılan ve kadrajın dışına doğru devam eden kurgular tercih ediyorum. Bunun temel nedeni yine Rönesans öncesi resmetme anlayışlarından beslenen bir yorumlama gayesidir.
A Doodle Story Game
Language learning game we made with Alp Dogan Urut
Anxious Animals
My personal project about animals.
Nike // The White Sneakers Collection
Nike, The White Sneakers Collection Illustration Series
Godiva Coffee Cup Portraits
Godiva coffee cup portraits for Istanbul Coffee Fest 2017
Street Football Rules
Street Football Rules advertisement campaign
Nike Sportswear x Cortez Illustration Project
Nike Sportswear x #Cortez illustration series.
Is Bank Map Illustration
Map illustration for Is Bank Museum
Trump Stickerz for Apps
Trump Stikerz for messages applications
Illustrations for BUG
BUG is a game lab project, started by Communication Design Department of Bahcesehir University, located at BAU Galata, Istanbul. Focus on video games and playful experience design. BUG sets out to fill in the blanks and aims to be a communication, research and education platform for the game scene in Turkey.
Anadolu University Palto Film Days Poster
Anadolu University Palto Film Days, which took its name from Gogol’s famous story The Overcoat, has a special project for its 10th year.
Personal work
Orgasmic Faces
Personal Work
Random Characters II
Selected personal works in 2016!
Hellslayers (Fake Hack & Slash Game)
fake hack & slash game project
Random Characters
some random works in early 2015
!F Map - Poster for Bone Mag
poster for !f film festival
Various comic pages.
Fantastic Fighters (Fake Fighting Game)
Fake fighting game series no:1
KFC Turkey Twitter Campaign
I made the illustrations of twitter users who tweeted with #sıkıdostlar / #bestfriends hashtag.
Hangimiz? / Which Of Us? (Card Game)
We've designed a social card game (that is meant to be played with close friends) The purpose of the game is to sell your perspective of characteristic attributes of players to others.
Space Travellers
Short animated gif-story
Pin Buttons!
Pin button versions of some of my work
Cem Karaca & Mogollar Album Illustration
I drew an illustration of Long lost studio recording by Cem Karaca & Mogollar for the Anatolian Rock Revival Project. -- Anatolian Rock Revival Project ile beraber Cem Karaca ve Mogollar'i 43 yil sonra yeniden biraraya getiren album icin yaptigim illustrasyon calismasi.
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