Artworks for my exhibition at Akbank Sanat
Encampers (Browser Based Strategy Game)
Browser-based strategy game illustrations
Book of Resilience Game Illustrations
Book of Resilience Game Illustrations
Black & White Games
Some black and white game jam games I've designed.
Hong Kong Tourism Board Illustration Project
Hong Kong tourism Board Old Town Center illustration project.
Voodoo Mambo // Mobile Game
Pinch and match bubbles in this fast-action, match-2-cast game. Try to achieve the target score of each level before the timer expires! The faster you play, the higher your score multiplier!
A Doodle Story Game
Language learning game we made with Alp Dogan Urut
Get Out Of My Sight // Jam Game
Last weekend we developed a small local-multiplayer game "Get Out Of My Sight" during 48 hours SpringJam!
Ülker Hanımeller - Ana Kuzusu
Anne Eli Değmiş Gibi... sloganıyla iletişimini sürdüren Hanımeller bisküvi, stratejik yaklaşımını yenilemek, anne kuzusu olduğumuzu hatırlatmak istiyordu. Hepimiz doğuştan ana kuzusu olduğunu internetin gerçeklerine uygun biçimde anlatmaya karar verdik. Duruma farklı bir açıdan yaklaştık: “Ana kuzusu olmak doğuştan gelir; karakterimiz ona stilini verir.”
Global Game Jam 2017
I made a visual design for 3 games this year at the global game JAM.
Hangimiz? / Which Of Us? (Card Game)
We've designed a social card game (that is meant to be played with close friends) The purpose of the game is to sell your perspective of characteristic attributes of players to others.
Cosmoplan: A Space Puzzle Game
Cosmoplan is a unique puzzle/action game that tooks place in mysterious space, created by the independent game studio Zbam Games. The game enhances the gameplay experience for both puzzle and action genres by elegantly seperating the planning and action phases. Cosmoplan is at first developed as an entry for the competition of the 48 hours game jam within the Turkey National Informatics Congress 2012 (Ulusal Bilisim Kurultayi). The team won the first price in the competition. Loving the core game mechanics they decided to publish the game to market. The initial space cartoon theme for the game jam left its place to a widened artistic approach which took its inspirations from Stanley Kubric to 60′s Russian poster art. The detailed studies took more than 9 months of development process overall.
Sumo Fighters
Some character and concept design for Sumo Game.
Steampunk Arcade [a Robot Journey]
Big Heads
Concept art & character design for JRPG genre fighting game.
European Adventure (Game Concept)
Browser game project concept design.
Meslekler IOS Game
Meslekler IOS game for 3 - 4 years old kids.
Gelisine Soccer Game Concept
Gelisine Mobile Soccer Game Conceptual Arts.
Game Jams
various jam games.
Titi ve Vakvaklar
Bug Game Design Workshop 2012
Panic in the Sky! (Amber Game Jam)
The pilot has an heart attack. There are only two passengers on the plane two save the plane by listening to radio commands from the control tower. However one of them has hearing disability and the other has speaking disability. In order to survive they need to collaborate and land the plane safely to the airport.
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