Kafacanlar (Amigos) - A playful series on social skills

 Series sets in a neighborhood where we meet eight kids with very distinct personalities. 

Each story handles a different social skill. In one story, we see a little boy bullying others when setting up a football team while in another the character is having trouble asking for help. Topics covered in the series are bullying and inclusivity, g gender equality, communication and asking for help, flexibility, fair play, collaboration, personal space and perseverance.

Dynamic illustrations add to the humorous tone of the author and offers the reader a funny story with colorful characters. Each story plays on the limits of narrative as well. The author makes children question and understand how a children’s book is being written by presenting us the author, illustrator and the editor as main characters. 

The author knocks down the barriers between the reader and the fictional characters and sets a new perspective to the reader.


Illustrator: Murat Kalkavan
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