Here is my lastest NFT collection losers on @FormFunction
I used Alex Dukal's Plastiline Lab extension for this collection.
This is the first piece of my 'Losers' series... Eugene was a street fighter in Baltimore... He retired in 1996 and bought a racehorse with all his money. But the horse never won a race and Eugene went bankrupt. Now he lives with the horse in his mother's house...
Second piece of my 'Losers' series... She was a lead singer in a punk band. In time, other members of the band found a real job with a boss. She continued his career as a solo, but was not very successful. Now married to a building superintendent and has 2 children.
He was raised as a promising race horse with a great future ahead.
 He was strong and ambitious, but has been crushed under too much expectations, leading to psychological problems.
 The owner realised this and sold him to Eugene.
WIP Video
After he became the chieftain of the tribe, he got more responsibilities, and his hair fell out from stress. The tribe deported him saying they won't be ruled by a bald chieftain. So he went to Turkey for a hair transplant operation. But he really liked Turkey and decided to stay and live there.
WIP Video
He underestimated a skeleton in a low-level dungeon, received a deadly blow and got injured. Now he became an NPC in town selling scrolls.

Thank you!

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