Cosmoplan: A Space Puzzle Game

Cosmoplan is a unique puzzle/action game that tooks place in mysterious space, created by the independent game studio Zbam Games. The game enhances the gameplay experience for both puzzle and action genres by elegantly seperating the planning and action phases. Cosmoplan is at first developed as an entry for the competition of the 48 hours game jam within the Turkey National Informatics Congress 2012 (Ulusal Bilisim Kurultayi). The team won the first price in the competition. Loving the core game mechanics they decided to publish the game to market. The initial space cartoon theme for the game jam left its place to a widened artistic approach which took its inspirations from Stanley Kubric to 60′s Russian poster art. The detailed studies took more than 9 months of development process overall.

Developer: Zbam Games – Based in Istanbul / Turkey
Genre: Puzzle / Action
Release Date: 05/09/13
Platforms: IOS / Android

Cosmoplan Icon
first teaser
second teaser
Level Select Screens
In Game Actions
Menu, Options & Credits
Intro sketches & Final Preview
Achievements Icons
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